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Sexy Versus Secure

The following article is a collaborative guest blog by Rohit Dasgupta, Cauvery Mallangada Kalaiah, Snehal Kasal, Nathan Layman, Aditya Sharangdhar, and Justin Greis. With the holiday season in full swing, many of you are shopping and most likely have already bought one or more electronic gadgets. Gadgets ranging from smart phones, laptops and tablets to […]

Introducing: #ForkTrick

As a kid, I learned an amazing trick from a waiter that I have carried with me for many years. I have performed this trick at bars, restaurants, meetings, conferences, and get-togethers and it always generates a smile, a few bewildered looks and a whole lot of fun.  So, after many years of table-side lessons, I thought […]

Email Acknowledgment: 10-4 Good Buddy!

Those who have worked with radios use a system of speech codes called “APCO 10 Codes” or “10 Codes” (see APCO: Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials). 10 Codes were adopted to provide clarity and brevity for the operation of two-way radios. Perhaps the best known 10 Code is “10-4” which translates to “Message Received.” 10-4 is […]

Ten Tips for Success with Microsoft SharePoint Online

The following article is a collaborative guest blog by Eli Tsinovoi, Snehal Kasal, Brian Myung, and Justin Greis. As one of the top enterprise content management solutions, SharePoint provides business users with many fantastic features right out of the box. Like any technology-enabled solution, the successful deployment of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product such as Microsoft SharePoint Online […]

Baking Thanks into Thanksgiving

In my family, we have a Thanksgiving tradition but it doesn’t start until the day after Thanksgiving. It’s called T2 which loosely translates to “Thanksgiving, Part 2.” You see, we take all our leftovers and make even more delectable dishes out of the scraps of whatever remains after the “day-of” feast. Turkey pot pie hot […]

The CIO and the T-Rex: Adapt or Die

We all know that Information Technology changes at break-neck speed; that’s no secret. New disruptive technologies continue to make us more efficient, reduce cost, grow revenues and eliminate frustration. With new technologies introduced into the enterprise landscape every day, we are seeing signs that many IT organizations are changing into a “business enabler” rather than a traditional “cost center.” […]

Resume Optics

A good resume can be your business calling card and should convey your experience and expertise to others. I’ve reviewed hundreds of student and experienced professional resumes and it always amazes me what people accomplish throughout their careers.  Yet often times the format of the resume fights with the content on the page. Much like a presentation or a report, […]

Audience Advocates: Let Them Eat Apple Pie!

When was the last time you gave a presentation to a group of 20 or more people? Were you intimidated or did you own the room? Did you exude confidence or make the audience writhe in their seats? There are endless techniques you can use to perfect your delivery and enhance your presentations but one […]

Four Things I Learned From My Friend, Brian Kelly

This week is a bittersweet week for me. My friend, mentor and colleague – Brian Kelly – left EY to assume the role of Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Rackspace in San Antonio, Texas. I am thrilled for Brian at the prospect of new opportunities and conquests. Hands-down, I believe there is no one better […]

Road Warriors: Don’t be “That Guy”

Last year I flew nearly 130 segments, spent the majority of my work-week in hotels and drove countless rental car miles. By most definitions I am a road warrior. Now that’s a funny term: “road warrior.” The words seems to imply some kind of soldier or militant deployed to the business battlefield. To some, it […]

Intern Advice: Gloria Chan

A few weeks back I put the call out for any interns willing to share advice from their internship and one of my students, Gloria Chan, answered the call. On an “Awesome Scale” of 1-to-10, Gloria is a 14. Why 14? Gloria’s energy and positive attitude is infectious. In my class, she approached every case […]

The Myth of Work-Life Separation

Anthony Weiner. Bruce Levenson. Donald Sterling. What do all these people have in common? They have all made headlines recently as a result of inappropriate behavior that revealed poor judgement, moral shortcomings, inner biases or downright bigotry. But in each instance, their behavior was conducted in the privacy of their home or somewhere they expected […]