Coming Soon – New Website Name: Progressology

After extensive research and time I have decided to re-brand The Art of Advice to a new name with a fresh new brand: Progressology.  The new website is currently under construction and will be ready for launch later this summer.  Pardon the delay while I transfer content and build the new site.  Please stay tuned […]

Discovering Your Purpose

Below is a speech I gave to the Kelley School of Business MBA Consulting Academy for their induction ceremony on September 16, 2016. The speech is titled “Discovering Your Purpose.” Good evening and thank you for being here tonight. It’s always a pleasure returning to campus and spending time with all of you. Thank you to […]

Time Management Ain’t Easy

A few months ago – April 14th, 2016 to be exact – I received a very nice note from a former student. It read: Good morning Justin, I am ardent follower of your blog – Art of Advice. We all in consulting look at you like super human when it comes to time management and […]

Remembering Dizzy: Wonderdog Extraordinaire!

On October 18, 2015 my wife Katharine and I lost our little dog of thirteen years, Dizzy. Dizzy was so much more than a dog to us; she was our little baby, affectionately called our “dog-ter.” You may remember Dizzy from the article I wrote about her last year where I distilled a few business true-isms […]

My Blogging Hiatus

You may have noticed the pace of my blog articles have slowed a bit in the past month, and that has been somewhat intentional. When I set out on my blogging journey over a year ago, I made a goal to release at least one article per week. I did pretty well (for the most […]

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The Method to Creative Madness

Where do creative and innovative ideas come from?  Is it a process or does a flash of inspiration strike some unsuspecting brainstormer in a moment of utter clarity? One day my wife, Katharine (Kat), brought home an interesting drawing from one of her colleagues, Lucy Flanagan, that explored her own creative process. As Kat unpacked the […]

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Passive Aggression: Ebola of the Workplace

I apologize for the delay in this week’s article but it required some deep psychological research into the bowels of the human psyche. Last week I received an anonymous email through the website that read like this:  Hello – I am a regular reader of The Art of Advice and I thought I’d pose the […]

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The War on “Busy”-ness

It’s no wonder we call it “Business,” though more often than not, it should be “busy-ness.” Ask any business-person “how are you doing?” or “how’s it going?” and most will respond with “busy.” The word “busy” is an empty yet powerfully addictive word. Its use has become a reflex for many people and finding a replacement […]

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Ace of Case: How to Conquer Your Case Interview

It’s that time of year again!  Campus interview season.  Well, truthfully I’m not sure when it isn’t interview season anymore.  Summer maybe? That aside…interviews can be stressful and take up a good deal of candidate “gut share” as they jockey for coveted internships and full-time positions in a competitive market where good talent is abundant. […]

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Five Easy New Year’s Resolutions Actually Worth Keeping

Well friends, it’s that time of year again. That time when we reflect on the previous 364 days and take stock of the things we want to change in the next 365 days. I like the idea of new year’s resolutions. In fact, last year my resolution was to set up this blog and try to […]

Introducing: #ForkTrick

As a kid, I learned an amazing trick from a waiter that I have carried with me for many years. I have performed this trick at bars, restaurants, meetings, conferences, and get-togethers and it always generates a smile, a few bewildered looks and a whole lot of fun.  So, after many years of table-side lessons, I thought […]

Email Acknowledgment: 10-4 Good Buddy!

Those who have worked with radios use a system of speech codes called “APCO 10 Codes” or “10 Codes” (see APCO: Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials). 10 Codes were adopted to provide clarity and brevity for the operation of two-way radios. Perhaps the best known 10 Code is “10-4” which translates to “Message Received.” 10-4 is […]